The Correct Administration of the Cane

"It's not just a matter of hitting him with a stick you know!"


It is often thought that a caning on bare buttocks will hurt most but this is not true. Bare flesh compresses under the stroke and forms a cushion; tightly restrained buttocks receive the full impact. So thin, tight trousers are the most effective but, normally, the caner will have no jurisdiction over clothing. Girls should be required to wear trousers, skirts are not suitable but, if worn, must be raised and the underlying knickers should be strong and tight.

Target Area

The buttocks form the only correct target for the cane. Shoulders, hands and thighs, often used in schools, are unsuitable and dangerous. The lower quadrant of the buttocks is the preferred area. It is well clear of the spine and produces the greatest amount of endorphins which provide stimulation, endurance and ultimate satisfaction to the receiver. With some male candidates, the testicles may protrude between the upper thighs and must be avoided. Insisting that the knees are touching will usually prevent such exposure. Likewise, with some females the outer lips of the vulva may protrude and, unlike in the male, this can be minimised by the knees being kept well separated. In the last resort, a protective cushion may be used to protect the upper thighs and any exposed genitals. The base of the spine must also be protected but, if the recipient is correctly positioned, the spine will not be exposed to the cane.


Clearly the receiver must be bent-over to correctly present the buttocks to the cane. Touching the toes is, in most cases only just satisfactory as the candidate may be inclined to topple forward and this position is difficult to maintain; moreover, the lower quadrants are not well presented. It is not, therefore, the best position. A properly constructed bench or trestle, as used in some establishments, is of course ideal. Bending over the back of a chair or a table will not usually bend the victim down enough and will leave the upper part of the buttocks and maybe the lower part of the back exposed. I have always found that our school position, kneeling on one of two chairs placed back to back and grasping the lowest rungs on the back chair is ideal. It raises the buttocks to a convenient level, ensures that clothing will be tightly stretched and keeps the back and spine well out of range. If necessary, the recipient can be asked to kneel on a firm cushion thus raising the buttocks even higher.

Giving a Stroke

It must be remembered that, even if the culprit is a friend, a caning will not be of any use unless it hurts and hurts a lot. Maximum force is therefore the usual rule. Remember that the tip of the cane travels fastest and its point of impact will receive the greater punishment. With a right-handed caner therefore, the canee's right buttock will carry the deepest bruises or 'stripes'. If the caner stands where he or she can see the victim's right buttock, then they are standing much too far back and the cane may not contact the left buttock at all and will curl round the recipient's right hip.

I have tried to recount the details given to me many years ago by the Captain of School when I first became a School Monitor adding some of my own advice and including aspects of the subject relative to the caning of girls which results from my own extensive experience.  This is one relevant page of the notes I made during my initiation as a School Monitor.


The caner must stand well forward at least level and probably in front of the recipient's shoulder-line. The cane will then impact well with the left buttock and, even a stiff cane, will curl round the buttocks and deliver maximum impact to the right buttock also. This will produce the desired result of more or less even stripes across both globes. Inexperienced caners often find it necessary to 'line-up' the cane with a gentle positioning of the instrument on the recipients bottom before taking the real swipe. If you adopt this method of aiming, remember that, because of the force of the real swing, your arm will extend three or four inches further than when lining-up. Finally, it is important, whether the interval between strokes is long or short, to keep up a steady rhythm of delivery. This enables the recipient to anticipate the next stroke with reasonable accuracy. For maximum effect, an interval of just under 10 seconds seems best.